Activities With African Leadership Institute


The influx of South Sudanese Refugees to West Nile Region has both positive and negative impacts on both the host and refugee communities. As such, 73rd Parliament Charity Organization in partnership with African Leadership Institute has conducted a baseline survey on the HIV/Aids prevalence in the refugee settlement camps. The program areas are Yumbe, Arua and Koboko Districts Refugee Settlements Camps with an estimated population of about 400 people. About 70% of both the host and the refugee community are highly impoverished and vulnerable. Consequent to that, young people stand a high risk of engaging in dubious sexual activities which makes them vulnerable.

Program Activities
  • Voluntary baseline survey of the refugee camps in yumbe, Arua and koboko districts

  • Survey on the health facilities, institutions and trading centers in the sub-counties hosting refugee camps

  • Discourse meeting with African Leadership Institute (AFLI) country Director and consequently signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with African Leadership Institute (AFLI) for implementation of Hiv/Aids Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support project in the districts of Arua, koboko and yumbe.

  • Engagement meetings with partner organizations and African Leadership Institute (AFLI) in the joint implementation program of Hiv/Aids project in West Nile districts with refugee camps

  • Dialogue meeting with south Sudanese people (Refugees) living positively with Hiv in the refugee camps in Imvepi transit center and in joint organization with 73rd Parliament and WAP

  • Tracing sketch map of the targeted location areas of project implementation